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We Help Investors Achieve Financial Freedom.

Specializing in multifamily investments, Sahara Equity is a real estate investment firm ready to help investors earn passive income, become financially free, and invest in their future. The team acquires investment properties around the DFW metroplex and turns them into cash flowing assets alongside property management company, MARS Residential. With years of experience and knowledge our team has accumulated a large portfolio consisting of 17 multifamily properties, 3000+ units and 250M+ in assets

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We are specialized in acquiring appreciating assets that are cash flowing for the investors.  We add value through forced appreciation and vertical integration thereby increasing the overall income from the asset.



Multifamily Investment


Magnolia on University Gardens

Multifamily Investment


Basswood Manor

Multifamily Investment

What do our investors have to say?

As both a repeat investor and colleague, I’d like to thank Sahara Equity for the opportunities they provide and leadership they exhibit. I am at ease knowing Reddy and Jas are steering the ship and am confident they can overcome any challenge put in front of them.
Gwyeth Smith
Rustic Capital
Sahara Equity is a trustworthy team always ready to provide its partner with the best deals. I was able to diversify my investment portfolio because of all of the real estate avenues they have tapped into. Looking forward to growing together.
Hendra Tambunan Principal
Idea Box Capital
After investing with Sahara Equity, I diversified my real estate portfolio. I'm an investor in multifamily properties. I have learned more about real estate investment through the Youtube videos and blogs Sahara Equity has posted.
George Thomas
Sahara Equity has helped me with my investment needs. After working with them, I have gained great returns from the investment. The team is very knowledgeable and I feel like I am a part of a helpful community.
Lakshmi Raju
With Sahara Equity, I quit my 9-5 job because I gained a stream of passive income. I have more time for my family and my new business. I finally have time for things I love.

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With 20+ years of experience in the real estate field, Jas and Reddy are here to share their knowledge to anyone ready to learn. You can find videos and blogs about multifamily, financial freedom, building passive income and much more.

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Start your investment journey by partnering with Sahara Equity and gain financial freedom, earn a stream of passive income, and build generational wealth for your family through real estate investments.